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    Countryside Furnishings offers a wide selection of kitchen stools for you and your home! Each piece of furniture can be customized to your preference. Stop by our Middlefield, OH showroom to understand the true quality of our furniture!

    Kitchen Stools

    40390 Handy Step
    40390 Handy Step with Handle
    50112 Bench Stool with Handle
    50112 Bench Stool - Slot with Heart
    50112 Bench Stool - Slot
    50112 Small Oak Bench Stool
    50112 Cherry Folding Step Stool
    50112 Oak Folding Step Stool
    50112 QSWO Folding Step Stool
    50112 Library Chair / Step Ladder - Oak
    57607 Flip Out Step Stool
    57607 Step Stool
    57607 Flip Out Step Stool with Back
    57607 Onit
    57607 Curve Creek Step Stool
    59588 Cherry On-It (Iron, Chair, Step-Ladder)
    59588 Oak On-It (Iron, Chair, Step-Ladder)
    75110 Step Stool
    50112 Folding Step Stool - Cherry
    50112 Folding Step Stool - Oak
    50112 Folding Step Stool - QSWO

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