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    Countryside Furnishings offers a wide selection of outdoor accessories for you and your home! Each piece of furniture can be customized to your preference. Stop by our Middlefield, OH showroom to understand the true quality of our furniture!

    Outdoor Accessories

    32396 Starlight Collar Tilt Umbrella
    32396 Retro Side Table
    32396 Mortise and Tenon Swing Frame
    32396 Garden Table
    50112 Brass Top Cane
    50112 Carnival Cane with Handle
    50112 Chandler Cane with Handle
    50112 Shepherds Staff
    50112 Twisted Cedar Cane with Handle
    50112 Twisted Cherry Cane with Handle
    50112 Twisted Hickory Ripple Cane with Handle
    50112 Hickory Smooth Cane
    50112 Twisted Walnut Cane with Handle
    50112 The Hiker Cane - Hickory
    50112 T-Cane - Hickory
    50112 Twisted Walking Canes
    57411 Wooden Canes - Various
    75110 All Poly Ottoman
    100180 Classic Cup Holder
    100180 18 Inch Classic Folding Ottoman
    100180 Classic Gliding Ottoman
    100180 4 Foot Toboggan
    103322 Galvaston Ottoman
    103322 Madison Ottoman
    103322 Columbia Ottoman
    103322 Williamson Ottoman
    32396 Potting Table
    32396 Turkey Tail Connector
    100180 Big Wishing Well
    100180 7 Foot Bridge
    100180 Small Wishing Well Planters

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